20th Fighter Wing Air-to-Air Changes

Late in July, I posted about the change of Shaw AFB’s VHF SOF frequency. For the last few weeks, I have been intermittently tracking changes in Shaw’s 20th Fighter Wing air-to-air frequencies. Unfortunately my schedule hasn’t let me identify a lot of the changes I have noted that the 55th Fighter Squadron and the 79th Fighter Squadron have been using new air-to-air frequencies:

138.100 – 55th FS air-to-air
141.650 – 55th FS air-to-air
142.400 – 55th FS air-to-air

139.925 – 79th FS air-to-air (previously used by 77th FS)
141.550 – 79th FS air-to-air

It will take some time monitoring these frequencies to determine preset numbers. If anyone happens to hear any preset numbers for the above or if you hear any other new air-to-air frequencies for the 20th FW, please pass them on.

Mac McCormick, KF4LMT

Categories: 20th Fighter Wing, 55th Fighter Squadron, 79th Fighter Squadron, Frequencies

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