3-3 AVN Reflagged as 1-10 AVN

Sunday, I received an email from Edwin at the Apache Research Group (website www.ah-64.net) telling me that 3-3 AVN at Hunter AAF was reflagged as 1-10 AVN on 8 August 2008. This is part of their reassignment to the 10th Mountain Division and deployment to Iraq in October. During a change of command ceremony on 8 August, 3-3 AVN was deactivated and reactivated as 1-10 AVN.

The 10th Mountain’s 3rd Squadron, 17th Air Cavalry will take 3-3 AVN’s place in the 3rd Aviation Brigade as they return from Iraq where they have been working with the 3rd Infantry Division. In effect, the 3rd AVN Brigade is swapping an AH-64D Battalion for an OH-58D battalion.

The above was also in a news story from Hunter Public Affairs in the 14 August 2008 issue of “The Frontline,” Fort Stewart’s newspaper.

Mac McCormick III, KF4LMT

Categories: 1-10 AVN, 3-3 AVN, AH-64D, Hunter AAF, Military, OH-58D

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