Shaw Air Force Base may be having an ORE (Operational Readiness Exercise). F-16s from the 55th Fighter Squadron and the 79th Fighter Squadron have been flying missions to Townsend Range, the Bulldog MOA, and W-161/177 the last few days. On return from these missions, they have been heard making mission reports on the Shaw Command Post frequency. The actiivty on the Command Post frequency in particular seems consistent with ORE/ORI type traffic.

381.300 – Shaw Command Post
311.200 – 55th FS Ops
139.975 – 55th FS air-to-air
141.650 – 55th FS air-to-air
141.900 – 55th FS air-to-air
320.525 – 79th FS Ops
139.700 – 79th FS air-to-air
141.550 – 79th FS air-to-air
141.600 – 79th FS air-to-air
141.700 – 79th FS air-to-air

228.400 – Townsend Range
343.750 – Bulldog MOA
279.575 – DOUBLESHOT (W-161/177)
258.400 – DOUBLESHOT (W-161/177)
381.350 – DOUBLESHOT (W-161/177)

Mac McCormick III, KF4LMT

Categories: 20th Fighter Wing, 55th Fighter Squadron, 79th Fighter Squadron, Callsigns, Frequencies, Military, Shaw AFB

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