Hunter AAF Changes and Discoveries

Over the last week or so, there have been some frequency and callsign changes at Hunter AAF:

  • 1-3 AVN has changed their Ops frequency from 54.500 to 70.575. Along with the frequency change comes a shift to almost entirely encrypted traffic.
  • B/2-3 AVN’s CH-47Ds have changed their callsign from HOOKER to RIVER

There have also been some new frequency discoveries:

  • 3-17 CAV’s OH-58Ds have begun using some of the old 3-3 AVN (the unit they replaced) frequencies. They have been using 238.375 and 245.175 as air-to-air frequencies.
  • 3-17 CAV has also been using 51.500 for air-to-air; it seems that almost everyone at Hunter AAF has used this frequency at some point!

Mac McCormick III, KF4LMT

Categories: 1-3 AVN, 3-17 Cav, Hunter AAF

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