Chatham County 700 MHz TRS On The Air

The “Chatham County 700 MHz TRS” is now on the air.  It is not, however, the Chatham County 700 MHz system.  It is actually a site of the Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network (SEGARREN) along with what was thought to be the Bryan County 800 MHz system.  This is evidenced by the System IDs on the Chatham and Bryan sites.  The Chatham system ID is 02C5h-0102, the Bryan system ID is 02C5h-0101.  Using SmartX, the current Chatham-Effingham 800 MHz TRS is linked to the SEGARREN to allow for gradual upgrade.  Just as the Bryan County part of the system multicasts the same control channel frequency from both transmitter sites, the Chatham County part of the system does likewise.  The current control channel frequency for Chatham County is 772.53125.

See a previous post with the 700 MHz frequencies for Chatham County here.

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