700 MHz Control Channel in Bulloch County Area

This evening I was visiting a relative in the hospital in Statesboro and found a 700 MHz TRS control channel active in the Bulloch County area.  774.70625 was very strong on the BC-396 from inside of East Georgia Regional Medical Center on GA 67.  I continued to be able to receive it on GA 67 back to I-16 finally losing it at MM129 EB on I-16.  Throughout the time I monitored it, I noted no talkgroup activity on it though.  A search of the FCC database yields nothing for that frequency in the state of GA.  Interestingly, I traded some emails with Larry, W4RA, in Statesboro and he had very weak copy on it and couldn’t receive it strong enough to get a site ID off of it. The Site ID displayed on my BC-396 was 02C5h-0103, which indicates that it is part of the SEGARREN system along with the 800 site in Bryan County and 700 MHz site in Chatham County.

Needless to say, things are getting very interesting!  I don’t make it up to that area very often, so I’ll be interested to hear what other folks find on this!

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