Chatham Fire Tac 2 on SEGARREN

This evening, I heard the Chatham Fire Tac 2 talkgroup active on the Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network (SEGARREN).  Port Wentworth FD fireground operations were on Tac 2 for an incident around 1900 local and they were coming across TG 3664 on the Chatham-Effingham System and TG 229 on the SEGARREN.   If the usual pattern carries over, this lets us also figure out the other five Fire Tac talkgroups for Chatham County should be on the SEGARREN:

TG 227 – Fire Tac 1 – unconfirmed
TG 229 – Fire Tac 2 – confirmed
TG 231 – Fire Tac 3 – unconfirmed
TG 233 – Fire Tac 4 – unconfirmed
TG 235 – Fire Tac 5 – unconfirmed
TG 237 – Fire Tac 6 – unconfirmed

I feel confident enough in the pattern to go ahead and program these in my scanner and I’ll post future confirmations on them as I hear them or as others report them.

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