More 3rd AVN Activity at Hunter AAF

It sounds like the 3rd AVN Brigade at Hunter AAF is getting back into the swing of things and flying!  It’s great to hear and see the AH-64s, UH-60s, and OH-58s back in the air around Savannah.  I’m looking forward to putting together the puzzle of which aircraft are associated with which unit by putting together the pieces from radio traffic; for me it is one of the fun aspects of the milair radio hobby!

2-3 AVN possibly has a new Ops frequency.  After getting home from the radio club meeting this evening, I heard “721” calling KNIGHTHAWK X-RAY on 70.150 FM.  721 could possibly be UH-60 26721 but I got in too late to catch it on ATC, it sounded like it was shutting down after landing.  Earlier in the day I did catch UH-60L 26040 but I didn’t hear any Ops traffic from it so I don’t know if it could be a 2-3 AVN or 4-3 AVN aircraft.


3-17 Cav’s LIGHTHORSE OPS has been active on 51.375 FM, with BLACKJACK and LIGHTHORSE callsigns noted. OH-58Ds 00345 and 00537 have been heard.  Neither of these tail numbers were noted at Hunter AAF prior to the unit’s deployment to Afghanistan so I’m guessing that perhaps they have come back with different airframes or there has been an aircraft swap with another unit.

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