IndyCar Blog Posts to Peruse

There have been some good posts on the IndyCar blogs about some of the various issues that have popped up in the last week or so.  I’ve offered my thoughts, but these bloggers have done it far more eloquently than I can:

Qualifying Changes

Qualifying Changes: a detailed analysis from More Front Wing

The Lucky Dog

An impassioned plea against the Lucky Dog from More Front Wing

IndyCar Fans don’t feel like “lucky dogs” with NASCAR-inspired rules from Pop Off Valve

Field Caps

When Is A Starting Field Too Large? from Oilpressure

No Streaming Coverage on the IndyCar Website

Has NBC/Comcast Lost the Plot? A Warning for IndyCar from the F1 and Motorsports Archive

Online Streaming Should go Pirate Radio from The Lap Times

NBC Missing the Boat, Taking IndyCar With It from Grab Bag Sports

The Online Streaming Fraternity from Grab Bag Sports

New Streaming Policy Not About the Fans from Open Wheel America

Good News, BadNews & the New Comcast Sheriff from Pressdog


Danica Patrick

Will Danica stay or go? from Pop Off Valve

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