New Effingham County TG on SEGARREN

Yesterday, unfortunately, I had to spend a lot of  time at Candler Hospital in Savannah because my mother was admitted for observation on Sunday night.  I spent much of the night and day in her room on the 6th floor and one of the things I occupied my time with when she slept was the radio.  During the late afternoon and early evening, I heard a new talkgroup on the Bryan County SEGARREN site (the 6th floor greatly enhances reception!) – TG 1661, which equates to TG 26576 on the Chatham-Effingham TRS.  The traffic was Springfield FD working what sounded like a woods or open area fire; there were references to Forestry made a couple of times.  TG 1661/TG 26575 is Effingham’s Incident 3 channel, one of the channels on which their fire and rescue departments usually operate on active calls.

With this information, we can guess the SEGARREN TGs for the other Incident Channels:

Incident 1 – TG 1657
Incident 2 – TG 1659
Incident 3 – TG 1661 * CONFIRMED*
Incident 4 – TG 1663
Incident 5 – TG 1665

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