The Hurricane Awareness Tour and NOAA 42 Stops at Savannah IAP

Today, the National Weather Service’s Hurricane Awareness Tour and NOAA 42, one of the Hurricane Hunter P-3s stopped at the Savannah International Airport.  Hams from the Amateur Radio Emergency Service setup a static display consisting of two stations to demonstrate what Amateur Radio can do to support Hurricane Response.  Additionally, there was the Bryan County Mobile Emergency Operations Center, the Port Wentworth Mobile Command Post, the Georgia DNR Coastal Resources Division, the Red Cross, the Civil Air Patrol, Chatham County aviation, the Coast Guard, LifeStar, and the Chatham County Emergency Management Agency.

I joined Guy – K4GTM, Steve – K4SDJ, Dan – KF4MND, Peter – KJ4FAW, Don – KK4AMD, to help set up and operate the stations throughout the day.  We were also joined by Doug – KF4EFP, who is an assistant chief with Port Wentworth FD and Mark – KA4CID who visited in the afternoon with his son Nicholas.  Guy did a great job explaining how hams help before and after hurricanes and took questions from groups of students who came by our static display (we were one of the first they came to!).  I had a lot of fun hanging out with fellow hams and visiting the other static displays as well as touring NOAA 42.  Before the day was over, I was also able to make a contact on the radio with N4A, a special event station for the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL honoring the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation.

In addition to the aircraft that were there for the event, we were also treated to take offs an arrivals of the 457th Fighter Squadron who are training at the Savannah Combat Readiness Training Center with their F-16s for two weeks.  An Army UH-60, ARMY 27111 also arrived and stayed at Signature Aviation for a few hours.

Look for a more detailed article on our participation in the Hurricane Awareness Tour in the June issue of the Coastal Amateur Radio Society’s newsletter “Groundwaves”.  After publication, I’ll also post the article here on my blog.

2 thoughts on “The Hurricane Awareness Tour and NOAA 42 Stops at Savannah IAP

  1. Thanks Mac,

    Very well done and great photos. I E mailed it to several of my Friends.
    Keep up the good work.


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