Shuttle Endeavour Launch

Location:  Jekyll Island, GA

I went out to Jekyll Island this morning to take in the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch.  Viewing conditions were pretty good; I saw the arc of the smoke trail clearly but unfortunately it didn’t photograph as well as it looked to the naked eye.

Smoke trail from the Shuttle Endeavour launch - Look within the black oval.

If you look inside of the black oval on the photograph and strain your eyes enough, you can see the shuttle’s smoke trail.  In addition to the visual sighting, I was also able to hear radio traffic from Endeavour on 259.700 AM up to the “Press to MECO” call.  There was some unidentified RFI on Jekyll this morning that covered some of the weaker traffic.  It could have been coming from the Convention Center construction because it wasn’t there during the previous launch I monitored and watched from Jekyll.

Keep an eye on my friend Guy, K4GTM’s blog for more.  He and several other Savannah hams went down to the Cape and watched and listened from there.  He should have some photos and a report posted later today.

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