Whitemarsh Island Brush Fire

Southside Fire Department/EMS, Georgia Forestry, CEMA, and Chatham County Air assets are working a brush fire at Wilmington Island Rd and Johnny Mercer Blvd on Whitemarsh Island in the woods just behinds Islands High School.  Communications have been on the CEMA 1D talkgroup of the Chatham-Effingham TRS.  Georgia Forestry has had a tractor in the woods while Chatham County’s Air Tractor and one of their helicopters have been doing water drops.  The Air Tractor has left the scene but the helicopter remains on scene with fuel support on the way.

For the scanner enthusiast, there have been very good air to ground coordination communications on CEMA 1D.  There have also been comms between Fire Command and SSFD Dispatch on the SSFD Dispatch talkgroup.  As I post this, the Incident Commander is releasing Georgia Forestry.  He has also told SSFD Dispatch to expect calls on it because it will be smoldering a few days and that they are planning to check on it periodically.

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