Southeast Georgia Forest Fire Frequencies

Location: Brunswick

I haven’t seen much information posted in other places, so this afternoon I took a drive down to Waycross and Folkston to see what I could hear communications wise from the fires down that way. The route I took was US82 to US1 down to Folkston then back up US1 to GA121 back to US82. Along the way I was able to hear communications from both the Fires around Hoboken, Waycross, and Racepond as well as the Honey Prairie Complex fire at the Okefenokee Swamp. Conditions throughout the area are very smoky, hot and dry. Keep the residents in the area along with the personnel working the fires in your thoughts and prayers, the conditions are truly oppressive.

For the fires in the Hoboken, Waycross, and Racepond areas, here is what I heard active (in order of amount of activity heard):

151.145 – GFC District Admin
159.285 – Southeast Compact*
159.390 – GFC Mobile-to-Mobile
155.355 – Brantley County Fire
154.280 – Fire Mutual Aid

159.285 was a good frequency to monitor for movements of strike teams in the Brantley/Ware/Charlton area.

For the Honey Prairie Complex Fire, here is what I heard active (once again in order of the amount of activity heard):

164.575 – Repeater Linked to 167.125*
167.125 – Repeater Linked to 164.575*
168.200 – US Forestry
168.775 – US Forestry
166.9375 – unknown, possibly US Forestry Tac freq?
122.375 – Honey Prairie Complex Air Ops

Back in May 2007, both of these repeaters were heard active for fires in the Okefenokee area and at that time were also linked to 164.625. Today, I heard nothing on 164.625.

As far as air operations go, I heard references made to CH-47s at the Waycross Airport on 151.145 but I never heard any of them flying while I was in the area. There were multiple helicopters working the Honey Prairie Complex fire on 122.375 and spotter Aircraft SMOKEY 1 and SMOKEY 22 on 151.145.

For the Savannah area readers, I saw a Garden City FD Engine as well as a Springfield FD Engine down in the Ware/Charlton area. Bryan County’s Black Hawk Mobile Command Post was set up at the intersection of US1 and GA121. Georgia Forestry and Fire Department assets from throughout the southeast Georgia area are involved in the fire fighting effort.

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