Chatham County Emergency Management Agency Recognizes Amateur Radio Field Day

Yesterday, the Chatham County Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) was kind enough to publicize Amateur Radio Field Day and specifically the Coastal Amateur Radio Society’s Field Day operation in Savannah in a news article on their website.  Additionally, CEMA posted links to the article via their Facebook and Twitteraccounts.  Here is the text of their article:

News Local Amateur Radio Operators to Showcase Emergency Capabilities

Local amateur radio operators will join thousands of other radio operators and test their emergency capabilities this weekend.  Amateur radio operators, also called “hams”, are teaming up with St. Joseph’s/Candler for Field Day 2011.  Radio operators will set up their equipment at Candler Hospital on Reynolds Street in Parking Garage A, which is the north parking deck.  Setup will begin Saturday, June 25 at 8:30am and ham volunteers will begin operating at 2pm and will continue through 2pm Sunday.  Operators will establish radio contact with other stations across the country as part of the annual Field Day event; last year more than 35,000 amateur radio operators participated.

The public is invited to meet with operators and see how they fit into the emergency response picture.   Local hams will use this weekend as a chance to showcase frequency ranges, Morse code and some of the latest digital and satellite capabilities.

Amateur radio operators have supported numerous emergencies across America by providing critical communications when other systems fail.  Just recently amateur radio operators provided support for the New Mexico/Arizona wildfires and in Chatham County they support the Emergency Operations Center when activated.

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