Glynn County Scanning News: Glynn SEGARREN Site Active and a Frequency for AirEvac in Brunswick

I am able to pass along what hopefully is new information for scanning and monitoring enthusiasts in the Brunswick/Glynn County area.  First, the Glynn County SEGARREN (Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network) 700 MHz site is now active.  Second, a frequency for the AirEvac Lifeteam helicopter based in Brunswick has been confirmed.

  1. The Glynn County SEGARREN site, consisting of the frequencies 771.68125, 771.93125, 772.30625, and 772.55625 is now active with voice traffic.  So far I’ve noticed some public works traffic but no public safety traffic.  Unlike Chatham County, there does not appear to be any link or parallel between the local 800 TRS and the SEGARREN site.  The three talkgroups I’ve heard in the last week are: 13312, 13315, and 13316.
  2. Back in June, my friend Bill Collins, KG4BKO found that AirEvac Lifeteam was licensed for the use of 159.675 in Brunswick and asked me to confirm it.  While out and about in Brunswick the other day I was finally able to confirm it in use although I’ve not been able to determine a PL tone or DCS code yet.

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