Warner Robins Museum of Aviation Trip

Update, 02 September 2011: 

  • I should have waited until next week!  The Museum tweeted this morning that they are expecting delivery of a Global Hawk next week!  I guess I’ll be making another trip soon.
  • I also traded some tweets with the museum this morning (@MOAatRAFB) and they said that they hope to acquire the MA ANG F-15, which is currently in use as a training aircraft by the 402nd Maintenance Wing at Robins AFB.  There is a pretty cool story behind it on their blog, including the fact that the aircraft has 2 MiG kills to it’s credit during Operation Desert Storm.
F-15C 79-078 with 2 MiG kill markings credited to Col. Thomas Dietz during Desert Storm

Earlier today, I drove up to Warner Robins, GA and visited the Museum of Aviation next to Robins AFB.  It was an opportunity to both tour the museum, which I haven’t had the chance to do in awhile, and do some milair listening up in Central Georgia.  I put up some photos from the trip on Flickr at:


It was good to tour museum and notice some work being done on the aircraft.  Work continues on their B-29 and it is looking good.  Some work is also being done on some of the outside aircraft; paint and surface work is being done on some and it’s obvious that it has been recently completed on others.  I also noticed what seem to be some new additions:  an OV-10 Bronco is now in on display in one of the hangars and an F-15 in MA ANG F-15 markings is behind the museum in a fenced-in area.

The MilAir portion of the trip was disappointing.  I anticipated the Bulldog MOA around Statesboro and Dublin being active, but I never heard any aircraft operating there today.  At Robins, the base’s 400 MHz TRS was very active (especially the ALC talkgroups) but the only aircraft I heard this morning was an E-8C JSTARS, PEACH 33, and an AT-38C from the 14th FTW, JIMBO 45.  On the way back to Savannah, I began to pick up activity from VMFA(AW)-224, VMFA(AW)-533, and the 125th FW as I approached Savannah.

It was interesting to hear an amateur radio roundtable in the Swainsboro area this morning on 146.520 simplex.  I could really only hear 1 station well, but it sounded like there must have been at least 3-4 guys involved.  It sounded like it’s a regular thing.  If you pass through Swainsboro in the mornings, you might want to check for it.

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