New Amateur Radio Group for Mobile HF Ops: Interstate Highway Rest Area Society

I joined a new Amateur Radio group this week, the Interstate Highway Rest Area Society.  Given that I spend a lot of time on highways traveling back and forth between Savannah and Brunswick, I thought that the IHRAS was a pretty cool idea after I saw a fellow ham link it on Google+.  I quickly emailed in my membership request and received member number 0063.  There are no membership dues, and you receive an electronic membership certificate.

Brian, K0MCM founded the IHRAS to help promote mobile amateur radio HF operations by collecting or activating interstate highway rest areas.  14.290 USB and 7.290 LSB are suggested starting frequencies to look for rest areas on the air.  As Brian states on the site,”Pull off the road, stretch your legs, and Get On The Air.  Put out your call and start logging the contacts.  You can let others know in advance of your travels and we will be there on the other end to make your journey a memorable one.”  A Rest Areas on the Air Event is planned for Thanksgiving Weekend, 23-27 November 2011, that should make operating mobile during the Thanksgiving Holiday (a big travel holiday) fun!

My plan is to activate the Mile Marker 41 Rest Area on I-95 from time to time.  When I’m in Brunswick, I stay almost a stone’s throw from it, so it won’t be difficult to do.

If you’re interested in membership, go to the website membership page:

Membership to is open to all licensed amateur radio operators who share a passion for mobile HF operations, QSL’ing, and being on the air.

There are no dues or fees for membership.  We ask you save your money for fuel for your next road trip adventure.

All members will receive an electronic membership certificate that you can proudly display on your computer or smart phone.

Membership Means???

  1. Nothing and Everything (at the same time)
  2. You have a sense of humor
  3. You support the creative spirit of other hams.
  4. You enjoy being on the air

 To keep up with Rest Areas on the Air goings on, check out the IHRAS Yahoo Group.

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