Mobile Monitoring and HF, 14 September 2011

After grabbing something to eat this afternoon, I went out to Jekyll Island and played radio. I got a few good catches on milair frequencies and made a few amateur radio contacts on 20 Meters.

On the milair side of things, I caught some F-16s from McEntire ANGB and F/A-18s from MCAS Beaufort at Townsend Range, some F/A-18s working in the Bulldog MOA, and some more F/A-18s offshore in W-157. The F/A-18s at Townsend Range, NIKEL 35/36 (F/A-18A+, VMFA-122), were very interesting to listen to, they were working with IRON CROSS (JTAC) to attack various ground targets.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about 20 Meter conditions lately, but things didn’t seem too bad this afternoon when I fired up the mobile station. I started out by working Luca, IZ4UFG in Italy followed soon after by W6M, Henry in Kansas, part of the Route 66 special event. I then picked up FM4NB, Mylene in Martinique and finished up with EA5GUI, Vincente in Spain. All in all, it was  a nice variety of stations and locations logged; most of the signal reports I received were 55s so I can’t be disappointed!

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