134th Airlift Wing and 164th Airlift Wing ORE at Savannah CRTC

The 134th AW, TX ANG and the 164th AW, TN ANG are are the Savannah Combat Readiness Training Center for an Operational Readiness Exercise. Several C-130s from the 134th AW and several C-5s from the 164th AW have been flying out of the CRTC this week.  The C-130s are using the 134th’s usual callsign of ROPER and the C-5s have been using the 164th AW’s usual callsign ELVIS.


They can be heard on the usual Savannah area air traffic control frequencies as the depart from and arrive at Savannah IAP and the CRTC.  Operations traffic can also be heard on 237.000 if you have a scanner capable of receiving the military air band in AM mode.

While we frequently see C-130s from the 165th AW at Savannah IAP, this is a good chance to see some of the monstrous C-5s flying around.

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