W3H Haunted Lighthouse Activation

Late in the morning, I decided to turn on the HF radio and tune around to see what I could hear.  On 20 Meters, I happened across W3H, a haunted lighthouse special event station on 14.270 USB.  Dan, KD3CQ was operating from the Point Lookout (USA-628) in Scotland, MD to activate it along with Point Lookout Light (USA-1409) and Solomons Lump (USA-767).  I gave Dan a call and he filled me in on some of the history of Point Lookout, including it’s use as a prisoner of war camp during the Civil War, with the lighthouse being used as an infirmary.  I had the idea while talking with Dan to give him a contact from the Tybee Island lighthouse, so I jumped in the SUV and headed out to Tybee.

I found a good spot where I could see both Tybee Light (USA-864) and the Cockspur Island Light (USA-181) and answered his call again.  This time, we traded info on our stations and it was fun to learn that the was operating mobile as well using an FT-857 and Hustler resonators.  I thought about trying to find a spot with less powerline noise than where I was and hang out awhile, but while trying to find a spot I lost Dan’s signal and was unable to get back to him to give him the freq I’d be hanging out on.

Altogether, it was good to make the mobile to mobile Lighthouse contact with 59 signals on both sides.

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