Ship Watcher Should Be Glad She’s Not a Plane Watcher

I was reading the letters to the editor in the Savannah Morning News while eating lunch and came across a letter in which someone wishing she could find a place to watch ships at the port.

My regret is that there is no where for the public to view the port operations.

I haven’t found a place on the Savannah side nor the Hutchinson Island side where I can just sit and watch

Well, she can at least by happy she isn’t a plane-spotter.  If you’re interested in aviation, especially military aviation and just sit somewhere near an airport or airfield to watch airplanes, you’re accused of being a terrorist and treated like one.  It’s one reason I quit going to air shows in the early/mid 2000s; I got tired of being subject to increased scrutiny because I carried radios to listen to the action along with a camera for taking pictures.

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