Recent QSL Cards

I received some very cool QSL cards in the mail while I did this 10 day in a row stint at work.  I was very happy to come home and find QSLs from W9IMS – the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Amateur Radio Club, KL7AF – The 477th Fighter Group Amateur Radio Club, and W8COD – the ham radio station aboard the World War II submarine USS Cod SS-224.

This year was a very special year for the Indianapolis 500, this year’s running of the famed race marked the 100th Anniversaryof the famed race.  The QSL card from W9IMS reflects the history of the race with photos of the 1911 and 2011 winning cars on the outside of the folding card and historic photos on the inside.

The QSL card from KL7AF feature a very cool photo of one of the unit’s F-22 Raptor fighters, based out of Elmendorf AFB, Alaska alongside of a Russian Tu-95 Bear bomber during an intercept.  This card appeals to me as both an amateur radio operator (I got to log Alaska!) and as a military aviation enthusiast (what a great picture of the Raptor at work!).

From W8COD, I received a very nice certificate along with a history of the USS Cod, SS-224’s service history during World War II.  I really enjoyed that QSO; I not only talked with Bill, KA8VIT who was operating the station but also with a Scout from a group of Explorer Scouts that Bill was working with that Saturday.


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