SEGARRN Update; 09 January 2011

Here is some new SEGARRN talkgroup information gleaned from recorded logs from 04 January 2012 to 08 January 2012.  While In Brunswick, I used the BCD396XT with ARC XT Pro to record and log traffic from the Glynn County site and I left the BCD996T running with ARC996 Pro in Savannah to log and record traffic on the Chatham site.

TG 293 is the Port Wentworth Public Works channel, same as TG 4688 on the Chatham-Effingham System. Only one test count transmission and a couple of of keyups with no voice traffic were noted over the period.

TG 415 is definitely ANG Crash Fire at Savannah IAP, same as TG 6640 on the Chatham-Effingham System.  These recordings clearly caught their BLAZE # callsigns and CONTROL in use by their dispatch.

TG 493 is Pooler FD Admin, the same as TG 7888 on the Chatham-Effingham System.  I’ve only had a couple of hits on this one, but there was recording over this period of “South Rogers Command” calling Metro (obviously on the wrong channel, but South Rogers St. is in Pooler).

TG 2317 is the Chatham County Fire Common Talkgroup, the same as TG 37072 on the Chatham-Effingham System.

TG 2325 is Savannah Fire and Emergency Services  Station 3 Signalling, the same as TG 37200 on the Chatham-Effingham System.

At this point, We can go ahead and generate a list of Savannah Fire talkgroups even though all aren’t confirmed.  Many are confirmed already and they all conform to the formula of multiplying the SEGARRN talkgroup by 16 to get the Chatham-Effingham TRS talkgroup.

TG 2305 – SFES Dispatch
TG 2307 – SFES Admin
TG 2311 – SFES Fireground 1
TG 2313 – SFES Fireground 2
TG 2315 – SFES Fireground 3
TG 3642 – SFES Fireground 4
TG 2309 – SFES Fireground 5 (unconfirmed)
TG 2317 – Fire Common
TG 2321 – SFES Station 1 Signalling
TG 2323 – SFES Station 2 Signalling (unconfirmed)
TG 2325 – SFES Station 3 Signalling
TG 2327 – SFES Station 4 Signalling
TG 2329 – SFES Station 5 Signalling
TG 2331 – SFES Station 6 Signalling (unconfirmed)
TG 2333 – SFES Station 7 Signalling
TG 2335 – SFES Station 8 Signalling
TG 2337 – SFES Station 9 Signalling
TG 2339 – SFES Station 10 Signalling
TG 2341 – SFES Station 11 Signalling
TG 2343 – SFES Station 12 Signalling
TG 2345 – SFES Station 13 Signalling
TG 2347 – SFES Station 14 Signalling (unconfirmed)
TG 2349 – SFES Station 15 Signalling

TG 3095 is City of Savannah Water Distribution, the same as TG 49520 on the Chatham-Effingham System.

TG 3147 is Chatham County Countywide Common, the same as TG 50352 on the Chatham-Effingham System.

TG 12825 could be related to the Liberty County FD but I’m not convinced that it is Liberty County FD; I’ve heard Liberty County FD traffic on TG 12815 before and this didn’t quite sound the same.  Perhaps some of those familiar with Liberty County FD could provide an ID based on some of the recorded traffic?  Units were LIBERTY # and most of the discussion was around expectation of a busy year for brush fires and a fire in the area of Gum Branch.  LIBERTY 1 was referred to as “Commissioner.”

TG 13312, TG 13313, TG 13315, and TG 13316 are all Glynn County public works channels.  Callsigns are 761 (which seems to be a supervisor), Unit ##,  and W##.  It sounds like all four are road/street maintenance related with TG 13312 being the primary channel. TG 13315 was also quite busy.

A friend also passes along hearing TG 227 which is Chatham County Fire Tac 1.  TG 229 has been ID’d as Fire Tac 2 in the past, so just as we have identified SFES and SSFD talkgroups on the SEGARRN, I think we can go ahead and identify the Chatham Metro fire talkgroups as well.  Fire Tacs 3-6 may go unconfirmed for awhile simply because they’re not used that often.

TG 223 – Chatham Metro Fire Dispatch
TG 227 – Fire Tac 1
TG 229 – Fire Tac 2
TG 231 – Fire Tac 3 (unconfirmed)
TG 233 – Fire Tac 4 (unconfirmed)
TG 235 – Fire Tac 5 (unconfirmed)
TG 237 – Fire Tac 6 (unconfirmed)

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