Savannah National Wildlife Refuge – 14 Jan 2012

This afternoon I went out to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge for a couple of hours.  I didn’t expect to see any alligators but I was expecting to see more water fowl than what I did.  Most of what I saw were American Coots (along with a few Gallinules which could be confused with a Coot) and White Ibis.  About halfway through, I pulled off and played radio for a bit as well, having a few QSOs on 20 and 15 Meters:

  • N5M, New Mexico 100th Birthday of Statehood Special Event Station – 20 Meters
  • KC9TRM, John in Fort Wayne, IN – 20 Meters
  • PJ4C, DXpedition in Bonaire – 15 Meters
  • WB2EBA, Mike near Boston, MA – 20 Meters
  • K5USA, Amateur Radio Outreach, Lawton, OK – 20 Meters

While talking to KC9TRM and WB2EBA I told them both I didn’t expect to see an alligators due to the low air and water temps today, so I was quite surprised when I pulled out of my operating spot to see an alligator lying out in the sun!  The spot I selected was at the south end of the wildlife drive just before you turn north along the diversion canal.  There’s an open area that could be ideal for setting up a portable station – it could make a nice spot for operating during the Refuges on the Air special event.  I wonder if some of us should contact the Refuge and see if they would allow us to do it?

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