SEGARRN Update; 28 January 2012

While working in Brunswick over a nine day period, I left the BCD996T and ARC996 Pro running at home logging talkgroups and recording audio on the SEGARRN system.  It yielded some new talkgroups and possibly developed a pattern for some the Liberty County Fire Department talkgroups.

TG 287 is Port Wentworth Fire Department.  It is the same thing as TG 4592 on the Chatham-Effingham TRS.  There were test transmissions made by what was probably radio service over several days along with calls from a SSFD EMS unit and a PWPD unit to PWFD units which went unanswered.  It seems that PWFD might not be using the SEGARRN yet but someone who is is scanning their talkgroup.

TG 297 is Thunderbolt Fire Department, the same as TG 4752 on the Chatham-Effingham TRS.  All that was noted during the time period were some test transmissions and some very garbled transmissions.

TG 313 is Garden City FD 1, the same as TG 5008 on the Chatham-Effingham TRS. Likewise TG 315 is Garden City FD 2, the same as TG 5040 on the Chatham-Effingham TRS.  On TG 313, test transmissions from what was probably radio service were recorded over several days.  On TG 315, there were test transmissions along with some traffic from GCFD units and personnel. The number of hits don’t indicate that GCFD is using the SEGARRN yet but someone who is likely is scanning their talkgroups.

TG 5061 may possibly be a Bryan County Fire Department first responders talkgroup.  I only had a handful of hits, but they formed a conversation regarding one unit on a call standing by for EMS arrival and a second unit telling the first to cancel the fire department if they aren’t needed.

TG 5114 may possibly be a Bryan County Fire or EMS talkgroup.  I had only a few hits including traffic between Central (Bryan Dispatch) and EMS 6 along with some test tones.

TG 12831 is Liberty County Fire Departemt, probably the Station 1600 talkgroup.  There was traffic regarding “16 Substation 1” and unit to unit traffic between 16## units.  It seems to fit the same pattern as TG 12827, which is probably the Station 1200 talkgroup and TG 12828, which is probably the Station 1300 talkgroup.  This could possibly indicate the following layout for some of the Liberty County FD talkgroups:

12827 – LCFD Station 1200
12828 – LCFD Station 1300
12829 – LCFD Station 1400
12830 – LCFD Station 1500
12831 – LCFD Station 1600

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