SEGARRN Update; 08 February 2012

Once again, while working in Brunswick, I left the BCD996T and ARC996 Pro searching for new SEGARRN activity on the Chatham County site in Savannah.  I came back to find some good activity and when I checked it against Radio Reference’s information, I found some new information had been submitted there.  First, I’ll go through I found with the logging and recording followed by new information from Radio Reference.

TG 5105 is Bryan Common.  I’ve been sporadic activity on this talkgroup that indicated it was a tactical or common channel in Bryan County but I was never able to hear anything to specifically ID it.  The recordings caught a unit referring to it as Bryan Common.  This will be a good talkgroup to monitor during special events or incidents including multiple agencies and it’s definitely one that I would program into my scanner.  Each county that joins the SEGARRN system will likely have its own common talkgroup such as this one.

TG 781 is Chatham Emergency Management Agency CEMA 1D (TG 12496 on the Chatham-Effingham TRS).  It was recorded in use between CEMA # units and EAGLE 1 (one of Chatham County’s helicopters) during last week’s brush fire.  If the CEMA D (Digital)  talkgroups follow the pattern of the analog CEMA talkgroups on the Chatham – Effingham TRS, the CEMA talkgroups on SEGARRN should be:

TG 781 – CEMA 1D (confirmed via monitoring)
TG 782 – CEMA 2D
TG 783 – CEMA 3D
TG 784 – CEMA 4D
TG 785 – CEMA 5D

Some new Chatham County and City of Savannah public works talkgroups began showing up on SEGARRN.  TG 365 is Chatham County Building Ops (same as Chatham-Effingham TRS TG 5840).   TG 439 is Chatham County Park and Recreation Services (same as Chatham-Effingham TRS TG 7204).   TG 3095 is City of Savannah Water Distribution (same as Chatham-Effingham TRS TG 49520).  TG 3149 is City of Savannah Vehicle Maintenance (same as Chatham-Effingham TRS TG 50384).

Some very interesting information has appeared on the Radio Reference SEGARRN page within the last few days.  The most interesting are a set of NIMS (National Incident Management System).  They are composed of talkgroups that are equivalent to some of the old SCMPD talkgroups on the Chatham-Effingham TRS and some of the Chatham-Effingham TRS Fire ICS talkgroups but I am going to guess that these will be system-wide talkgroups available to all of the counties.  This is backed up by something a friend in Bulloch County heard on TG 2051: “Bulloch county to Effingham county radio test on common channel.”  An example of how these talkgroups could be used is the management of an incident such as the Dixie Crystals Sugar Refinery explosion which took place 4 years ago yesterday.  Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) operators who have taken the NIMS/ICS courses will have an idea of how these will be used and may want to consider having a scanner capable of monitoring them in their go-kits.  These are talkgroups that might not get used very often but I would definitely program them into my scanner.

2051 – NIMS Common
2053 – NIMS Command 1
2061 – NIMS Command 2
2069 – NIMS Command 3
2057 – NIMS Logistics 1
2065 – NIMS Logistics 2
2085 – NIMS Logistics 3
2055 – NIMS Operations 1
2063 – NIMS Operations 2
2083 – NIMS Operations 3
2059 – NIMS Planning 1
2067 – NIMS Planning 2
2087 – NIMS Planning 3
2389 – NIMS Reserve A
2391 – NIMS Reserve B
2393 – NIMS Reserve C

Radio Reference also lists some more new public safety talkgroups.  I have heard sporadic activity on TG 5107  on the Chatham County site, Radio Reference now has this talkgroup ID’d as BCFD (Bryan County Fire Department) South.  They also list TG 2395 as Georgia Forestry Commission. TG 215 is listed as Memorial Hospital and TG 219 is listed as St. Joseph’s Hospital; these match the analog talkgroups for Memorial and St. Josephs (TG 3440 and 3504 respectively) on the Chatham-Effingham System.  It should follow that Candler Hospital should be TG 217 on SEGARRN but isn’t listed on Radio Reference at this time. TG 12834 is listed as Liberty Regional Medical Center. Other new emergency medical related talkgroups Radio Reference is listing on the SEGARRN are for the region’s medevac helicopters:  TG 3073 is listed as AirEvac and TG 12826 is listed as OmniFlight (LifeStar).

In my last SEGARRN update post, I offered a possible layout for some of the Liberty County FD talkgroups.  The new information at Radio Reference confirms those and adds LCFD Station 20.  It also identifies the use of some other LCFD talkgroups including dispatch, admin, tactical, and emergency talkgroups.  Among the talkgroups logged and recorded this time is LCFD Fire Tac 1 with fireground communications, so LCFD is indeed beginning to use the SEGARRN for operations.

12806 – Liberty County Fire Dispatch
12855 – LCFD Fire Tac 1
12856 – LCFD Fire Tac 2
12857 – LCFD Fire Tac 4
12863 – LCFD Fire Training
12827 – LCFD Station 12 Lake George
12828 – LCFD Station 13 Midway
12829 – LCFD Station 14 Riceboro
12830 – LCFD Station 15 Gumbranch
12831 – LCFD Station 16 Walthourville
12832 – LCFD Station 20 Sunbury
12825 – LCFD Admin
12871 – LCFD Emergency Button


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