UASC Khor Fakkan Runs Aground in the Savannah River

The container ship UASC Khor Fakkan ran aground near Elba Island in the Savannah River this morning.  Almost as soon as I turned on the radios this morning, I began hearing USCG Sector Charleston broadcast a Notice to Mariners on Marine VHF Ch. 21 (157.100) about it and a security zone that had been set up from Mackey Point near the west end of Elba Island to the east end of Elba Island.

I was able to follow incident activity by monitoring Marine VHF and watching vessel movement on Three tugs, the Edward J. Moran, John A. Moran, and Cynthia Turecamo were on scene working to free the Khor Fakkan, related communications could be heard on Marine VHF Ch. 13 (156.650).  When the Coast Guard arrived on scene, their boat could be heard talking to the Khor Fakkan on Marine VHF Ch. 14 (156.700).  The Khor Fakkan reported to the Coast Guard boat they were aware of no damage to the ship or leaking fluids.  There was related encrypted traffic on CG 113 (163.1375 P25 encrypted) while the Coast Guard was on scene. Throughout the morning, there were reports on Marine VHF frequencies of little to no visibility on the Savannah River. By 0700, the UASC Khor Fakkan had been freed by the tugs and was making it’s way upriver to the ports and the Coast Guard security zone had been lifted.

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