SEGARRN Update; 16 February 2012

Here’s another of what’s turning out to be weekly updates on the SEGARRN system based up on computer logging and recording from my station.  The setup continues to be a Uniden BCD996T with Butel’s ARC 996 Pro software.  This update is based on the logs and recordings from 9 February – 16 February 2012:

TG 2361 is Savannah Fire and Emergency Services Emergency channel (TG 37776 on the Chatham-Effigham TRS).  A recording caught Savannah Fire dispatch telling a unit that they had set off their emergency button.

The best catch of the week is TG 5061, which was referred to by Pembroke FD units using it as “Fireground 1.”  Now whether it is Pembroke FD Fireground 1, North Bryan Fireground 1, or Bryan County Fireground 1, I don’t know.  The talkgroup was in use by Pembroke FD and North Bryan FD units while fighting the large open area fire in Pembroke last week.

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