Mobile MilCom; 21 February 2012

Location:  Brunswick, GA

I spent parts of my morning and early afternoon utilizing the mobile station to do some military monitoring. Most of it was centered around the Global Guardian exercise operating out of Savannah but I picked up a few other things too.

Based on what I heard this morning I picked up the first sorties of Day 1 of Global Guardian.  The morning began with air-to-air combat off of the Georgia coast and a strike into Townsend Range by F-15s, F-15Es, and F-22s.  After lunch, close air support operations began in the Coastal MOA and Townsend Range from F-16s and an E-8 JSTARS.  Here’s a frequency and callsign rundown:

284.500 – Sealord North Primary
120.950 – Sealord North Primary
267.500 – Sealord South Primary
282.200 – Jax Center Jekyll
363.200 – Jax Center Allendale
353.775 – Savannah Approach/Departure
371.875 – Savannah Approach/Departure

336.925 – TACTS Range, Check In/Out
355.325 – TACTS Range, Blue Air
358.150 – Red Air

228.400 – Townsend Range
252.900 – Townsend Range
269.350 – Coastal MOA

237.000 – Savannah CRTC Ops
296.900 – F-22 air-to-air?
315.850 – F-22 air-to-air?

251.259 – 125 FW Ops
234.800 – 125 FW Aux 5
253.700 – 125 FW Aux 6

TAZZ 81 (KC-135)
UPSET 99 (KC-135)
FANG (F-15, 125 FW)
SNAKE (F-15, 125 FW)
SALTY (F-15E?, 333 FS?)
CARVER (F-15E?, 333 FS?)
BOOT (F-15, 333 FS)
REBEL (F-22?, 1 FW?)
KNIFE (F-22?, 1 FW?)
MACE (F-16CM, 169 FW)
VIPER (F-16CM, 169 FW)
DEMON (F-16CM, 169 FW)

At times, I haven’t been hearing the 169th FW F-16’s air-to-air traffic on their known VHF air-to-air frequencies.  It seems that they now have some UHF air-to-air frequencies, two of which I found this afternoon:  309.850 and 237.250.  I heard MACEs refer to going to 14 Aux before finding them on 309.850 so it is probably their 14 Aux UHF frequency.  237.250 was in use by DEMON flight so I’m guessing that could be their 16 Aux UHF frequency.

Another interesting catch today was one of the Navy’s new P-8A Poseidon Multimission Maritime Aircraft from VX-1 that is currently working out of NAS Jacksonville.  It was up with Sealord as NAVY 956 (Bu No 167956) and on 311.500/320.500 with BRISTOL and 8.971 USB with FIDDLE as PIONEER 71B.

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