New 60-Meter Privileges Now In Effect

From today’s news on the ARRL Website:

Effective today amateurs have new privileges on the 60 meter band. In addition to an increase in effective radiated power from 50 to 100 W, hams can now transmit CW and PSK31 on the following channel-center frequencies:

Channel 1: 5332.0 kHz

Channel 2: 5348.0 kHz

Channel 3: 5358.5 kHz

Channel 4: 5373.0 kHz

Channel 5: 5405.0 kHz

Amateurs can also transmit Upper Sideband voice and PACTOR III on the following suppressed carrier frequencies (the frequencies typically shown on transceiver displays):

Channel 1: 5330.5 kHz

Channel 2: 5346.5 kHz

Channel 3: 5357.0 kHz

Channel 4: 5371.5 kHz

Channel 5: 5403.5 kHz

For more information, download 60-Meter Operations – New Privileges and Recommended Practices. Also, a revised ARRL band chart is available for download.

Watch for the article “New Privileges on 60 Meters” by Dan Henderson, N1ND, ARRL Regulatory Information Manager, later this month in the April issue of QST magazine.

One thought on “New 60-Meter Privileges Now In Effect

  1. Thanks Mac,

    The download link for the new bands was great.
    Very much appreciated it, I made copies of the newest band privileges.

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