B/2-3 AVN Gets CH-47F Chinooks?

Recent monitoring seems to indicate that B/2-3 AVN at Hunter AAF have received new CH-47F Chinooks to replace their previous CH-47Ds.  Recently heard flying out of Hunter AAF are:

ARMY 08081 (10-08081?)
ARMY 08083 (10-08083?)
ARMY 08085 (10-08085?)
ARMY 08087 (10-08087?)
ARMY 08771 (10-08771?)
ARMY 08774 (10-08774?)
ARMY 08775 (10-08775?)
ARMY 08777 (10-08777?)
ARMY 08778 (10-08778?)

I’m guessing the serial numbers based off of the usual callsign structure that Army helicopters use with Air Traffic Control.  I’ve also spoken to one source that has seen a 10-##### serial number on a CH-47 from Hunter.   Any updates or information that can shed some light on this would be most welcome.

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