More on B/2-3 AVN CH-47Fs

Thanks to Mark from Maryland, I have some more information on the H-47s at Hunter AAF.  Of those I listed in my last post, Mark identified some as CH-47Fs and others as MH-47Gs.  Along with those I posted the other day, I also came across 08082 in my notes, so I’ve added it to the list.  If the aircraft were assigned to B/2-3 AVN in series, I wonder if they would also have 08084 and 08086?  The CH-47Fs that would belong to B/2-3 AVN are:

ARMY 08081 (10-08081)
ARMY 08082 (10-08082)
ARMY 08083 (10-08083)
ARMY 08085 (10-08085)
ARMY 08087 (10-08087)

The others are MH-47Gs that belong to the 160th SOAR.  Mark identified them as belonging to the 160th SOAR at Ft. Campbell, but after looking at my notes I found that I’ve been hearing them since December – I wonder if there has been an aircraft exchange or move from 1 and 2-160 SOAR at Ft Campbell to 3-160 SOAR at Hunter AAF?

ARMY 08771 (08-03771)
ARMY 08774 (08-03774)
ARMY 08775 (08-03775)
ARMY 08777 (08-03777)
ARMY 08778 (08-03778)

2 thoughts on “More on B/2-3 AVN CH-47Fs

  1. Hello Mac,

    It has been a while, but I still follow your military logs, keep up the good work!

    On the subject of the new CH-47Fs for B/2-3rd AVN I have some additional information as you have been given incorrect information by others; the 87xx serial range aircraft are NOT MH-47Gs but just CH-47Fs. For your information, CH-47Fs in 80xx range are remanufactured CH-47Ds and the 87xx range are brand-new aircraft. MH-47Gs have only the 37xx serial range.

    With your information, this is what I have to date:
    08-08772, see your Dec2011 recap
    The FY in brackets are not confirmed yet. Usually they get 14 aircraft, so probably some of the missing ones in the range (8773, 8776, 8084, 8086) are among them.

    So no swap of aircraft with Ft Campbell aircraft, just new CH-47Fs for the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade!

    Best regards,

    1. Edwin, thanks for the reply and the information! As soon as I get the chance I’ll put up an updated post with the proper information.

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