B/2-3 AVN CH-47s Revisited

After my two recent posts about the B/2-3 AVN CH-47s at Hunter AAF I received a very informative reply from Edwin from the AH-64 Research Group.  Edwin has assisted me with information on AH-64s in the past and this time has delivered on the CH-47s, identifying them as CH-47Fs rather than some as F-models and others as MH-47s as initially thought.  Here’s what he has passed on:

  • The CH-47s with 80## tailnumbers are CH-47Fs re-manufactured from CH-47Ds.
  • The CH-47s with 87## tailnumbers are new build CH-47Fs.

Based on Edwin’s information, here are the tailnumbers for B/2-3 AVN’s new CH-47Fs (date prefixes in parentheses are unconfirmed):


The companies are normally assigned 14 aircraft, so some gap fillers in the above list like 8773, 8776, 8084, and 8086 could be assigned but just not heard on the radio yet.

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