USS Eisenhower/CVW-7 Update and Using the Uniden HP-1 for MilAir

Yesterday I listened to some more of the USS Eisenhower/CVW-7 activity.  There was some good CAS activity at Pinecastle Range and some aerial refueling with both OMEGA and buddy refueling over the carrier.  Here’s an updated frequency and callsign listing:

317.875 – Strike
328.525 – Marshal
341.925 – Controlled Intercepts
343.275 – Aerial Refueling
360.525 – Overhead Aerial Refueling
237.225 – VFA-143 Tac
336.175 – VFA-83 Tac

276.500 – SEALORD South Primary
133.950 – SEALORD South Primary
284.500 – SEALORD North Primary

308.400 – Jax Approach/Departure
351.800 – Jax Approach/Departure
377.050 – Jax Approach/Departure

342.250 – Casey Stack (Jax Urban CAS)

289.200 – Pinecastle Range Ops
225.350 – Pinecastle Range Target

AG 1## (F/A-18E, VFA-143)
AG 2## (F/A-18F, VFA-103)
AG 3## (F/A-18C, VFA-83)
AG 4## (F/A-18C, VFA-131)
AG 60# (E-2C, VAW-121)
TAPROOM (F/A-18E, VFA-143)
DOG (F/A-18E, VFA-143)
VICTORY (F/A-18F, VFA-103)
SKULL (F/A-18F, VFA-103)
RAM (F/A-18C, VFA-83)
WILDCAT (F/A-18C, VFA-131)
OMEGA (DOD Contract Tanker)
COUGAR (Adversary)

In addition to using the usual BC-780 in the car, I also tried out the Uniden HP-1 Home Patrol for MilAir yesterday.  I was very impressed with with Home Patrol in the 225-400 MHz range, unlike other Uniden base/mobile scanners such as the BCD796 and BCD996.  The Home Patrol compares favorably to the Uniden BC-780, which is one of  my favorite MilAir scanners and the Uniden BCD396 which also works well on MilAir.

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