VP-16 to Transition to P-8A Poseidon

There is an interesting tidbit toward the end of a Jax Air News article about VP-16 participating in an exercise with Philippines Navy P-3.  After their current deployment to Okinawa, they are scheduled to transition to the P-8A Poseidon (VP-30, the fleet readiness squadron at NAS Jax already has one P-8A):

VP-16 is home based at NAS Jacksonville, where it will transition to the new P-8A Poseidon upon returning from deployment. The War Eagles are currently forward-deployed to Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan and fly in support of Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet.

More information on the transition can be found in this MPRA News and Happenings article:
“The first P-8A transition squadron to be trained at VP-30 will be the VP-16 ‘War Eagles’ beginning in July of 2012. When VP-16 returns from deployment, they’ll say goodbye their P-3s and send their combat aircrews and maintainers to the Pro’s Nest for six months of P-8 training.
The P-8A Fleet Introduction Team (FIT) recently moved into the ITC from VP-30. Lt. Cmdr. Joe Opp, officer in charge of the FIT, explained, “After completing commercial B-737 type rating school in Seattle, our FIT pilots are now training in the four P-8 test aircraft assigned to VX-20 at Pax River. The FIT will train VP-16 personnel to assure that the P-8 stays on track to IOC in 2013. The P-8A IOC is defined as one squadron composed of six aircraft with personnel who are trained and certified to deploy.”
“When VP-16 shows up for training in 2012, we’ll have a maintenance team ready to support them. Once the War Eagles become NATOPS qualified, they’ll return to Hangar 511 and begin their 12-month IDRC (Inter-Deployment Readiness Cycle) to become combat-certified by Wing 11,” he added.

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