The Hunt for Special Event Stations – An Attempt to Get Back Active on HF

I haven’t been very active on HF recently but I’ve been thinking about what might motivate me to get back on the air some.  I don’t find contesting exciting, it makes the hobby seem too much like work.  As for DX, my interest in it comes and goes.  I’ve never been much of an extended ragchewer either.  One thing I really enjoyed after upgrading to General class was finding and working special event stations, especially ones that had historical, aviation, or military connections.  I think I’m going to start trying to find some time each weekend to hunt down and work some special event stations.  As part of the effort, I’ll be looking around the internet and other sources for scheduled special event stations that interest me; I’ll try to post that list to the blog each Friday.  Additionally, I’ll be scanning and posting QSL cards from the Special Event stations I work.




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