Back on HF With The Mobile Station – 19/20 May 2012

I fired the mobile amateur radio station back up for the first time in awhile this past weekend and put my plan to hunt special event stations into action.  Of the 10 special event stations I posted about on Friday, I heard four and was able to work three of them.

Two hours of operating on Saturday afternoon produced the best results of the weekend with 6 QSOs on 20 Meters.  I searched around 40 Meters, 18 Meters, 15 Meters, and 10 Meters as well but didn’t have any success.  The first catch of the day was the battleship USS Texas, NA5DV; they were operating a special event station honoring the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Texas.  It’s hard to believe that the ship is 100 years old and that World War I was that long ago.  Next I was able to work the Perrin AFB Special Event Station, W5I, which was operating to celebrate Armed Forces Day from the Perrin Air Force Base Museum in Denison, TX.  Next to be found was a special event station that I didn’t know was going to be on the air: K2BR, operating from “Lucy the Elephant,” a 6 story tall architectural elephant in Margate, NJ that is an historical site.  Now that was a unique QSO!  The last special event station I worked was W5C, celebrating Armed Forces Day at the Camp Hearne POW Camp in Hearne, TX.  Camp Hearne housed German POWs during World War II.  While searching 40 Meters, I heard WW2COS, the B-17 “City of Savannah” amateur radio station at the Might Eighth Air Force Museum in Savannah.  With the mobile station from Brunswick, I just couldn’t get through to them (probably too close) but I did spot them on Twitter; I know at least one ham saw the tweet and had a QSO with them.  I ended the afternoon back on 20 Meters working two DX stations:  OM2VL from Slovakia and 9A4KW from Croatia.

After I got off from work on Sunday morning, I turned on the mobile station to see what I could hear.  At just before 0700 local, there was plenty of ragchew on 40 Meters but I decided not to get into a long QSO.  I twirled the knob through 20 Meters as well and was surprised to hear VK8NSB from Darwin Australia with a pileup! He was S9 here in Brunswick but despite half an hour of trying to get through, the mobile station just wasn’t enough to get through the pileup.  It was an enjoyable way to burn some time before going to bed, though!  In the afternoon after I woke up I renewed the hunt for special event stations despite a downpour from Tropical Storm Alberto’s rain bands but I couldn’t find any. Once again, 20 Meters seemed to be the only band I could do anything on and had QSOs with VE6AO, Mike in Calgary (I’ve worked VE6AO before on 6 Meters) and KC9LZF, Dan in Wisconsin.

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