New VMFA-312 Frequencies?

Yesterday’s monitoring seems to indicate that the F/A-18Cs of VMFA-312 at MCAS Beaufort are using some new air-to-air frequencies.  Between the thunderstorms yesterday I heard CHECK 63/64, CHECK 61/62, and CHECK 69 returning from Florida to MCAS Beaufort with Jax Center on 285.650, 282.200, and 322.500.  During the time I heard them on the ATC frequencies I didn’t hear any air-to-air communications but I did hear 64 check in with Checkerboard Base on 228.200 to pass the inflight report for 63/64 flight.  I put one of the BC780XLTs into search mode and quickly found 233.725 in use for 63/64’s air-to-air comms, likely making it the new  Tac 2 frequency.  When 61/62 passed through, I didn’t hear any air-to-air comms from them either; 267.425 quickly popped up for them likely making it the new Tac 1 frequency.

Note:  It didn’t turn out that these were new VMFA-312 Tac frequencies.  Throughout the rest of the month,VMFA-312 returned to using their normal frequencies.  See:

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