Special Event Stations to Look For, 9-10 June 2012

10 May-9 June 2012, 0700-1900Z – VE3A – Diamond Jubilee of HM The Queen of Canada:  Special Event Station VE3A is celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of HM The Queen of Canada. They’ll be operating around 28.490, 21.290, 14.290, and 7.143. See VE3A on QRZ.com for updates.  Website:  http://www.ve3a.tk/ (includes on air/frequency information)

7-9  June 2012, 2000-2359Z – W4E – Covered Bridge Days:  The Carter County Amateur Radio Association will participate in the 46th Annual Covered Bridge Celebration in Elizabethton, TN.  They’ll be operating around 28.360, 21.360, 14.260, and 3.720. Certificate & QSL to James A. Johnson, 614 Parkway Blvd, Elizabethton, TN 37643.  Website:  wr4cc.org

8-10 June 2012, 2300-0500Z – N2R – 2012 Royal Rangers Northern Sectional Pow Wow:  This special event station will be operating around 3.840, 7.210, 14.240, and 28.450. QSL to Lawrence Stewart, O Hensyn Village 4A, Budd Lake, NJ 07828.

9-10 June 2012, 1800-1800Z – W7M – 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting:  This special event station associated with the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming will be operating around 28.405, 21.325, 14.228, and 7.190. QSL to Ken Wolfslau, W7WOF, 529 Skyline Dr NE , Great Falls, MT 59404.

9-10 June 2012, 1430-2300Z – NW0AA – Annual Activation of the Northern Most Radio Club in the Contiguous 48 States:  Each year, the Northwest Angle Amateur Radio Club activates to commemorate the creation of the Northwest Angle of Minnesota due to the limitations of map making in the 1700s.  They’ll be operating around 14.245, 7.200, 3.940, and 3.550.  Certificate & QSL to Dan Whipple, 11726 Norway St NW, Minneapolis, MN 55448.  Website:  www.qrz.com/db/NW0AA

9 &16 June 2012, 1600-0000Z – WY7U – Commemorate Fort Bridger and the Pony Express Re-Ride: The Sweetwater Amateur Radio Club will be operating around 28.325, 21.355, 14.272, and 3.920. Certificate & QSL to Sweetwater ARC, 1000 South Dakota, Green River, WY 82935.  Website:  wy7u.angelfire.com

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