Package From the Buro

It’s always exciting to come home from a week at work and find a package from the QSL Buro! Yesterday was just one of those days so I thought I would scan a few and post them here.

I’m particularly proud of this QSL card from Claudio, IW6DRH.  It’s from a mobile-to-mobile contact from Summer 2010.  I was in Brunswick  and Claudio was in Fano, Italy. As near as I can tell from logs, this was my first mobile-to-mobile DX contact.  Isn’t it cool that two stations can talk from Georgia to Italy using inherently inefficient (compared to fixed station) antennas mounted on their cars!?

This card is from a special event station held in 2010 to honor the founding of Cupids, the “Birthplace of English Canada” in 1610.  I love working historic special event stations and it’s not often you get to work one in association with a happening from 400 years ago!

It’s not unusual for me to be able to work Central Europe from home or from the mobile station; it seems that there is a pipeline from Coastal Georgia to Eastern Europe.  This card stands out because it is both a special event station QSL and an unusual callsign.  The callsign and special event station were in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Amateur Radioclub KAPA in Partizanske, Slovakia.  The club’s usual callsign is OM3KAP.

This is another special event station QSL.  GB4KJ was the amateur radio station at the Boy Scouts’ 2009 Kent International Jamboree in Kent, England.  I always enjoy working Boy Scouts stations and making a DX contact with one made it even more fun.

As I mentioned above, it’s not unusual for me to work Central Europe but as a military aviation enthusiast, I love this card!  The MiG 21 may not be one of the most glamorous fighters in the world but you’ve got to admit that this is a pretty cool paint scheme!

This card, of course, came direct instead of through the Buro but it also arrived while I was gone last week.  It’s from the Festival in the Park  in Roanoke, VA  – one of the special event stations I worked and posted about during Memorial Day weekend.

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