Oveturned Shrimp Boat on the Thunderbolt Waterfront

The United States Coast Guard and Moran Environmental are handling an oil spill from an overturned shrimp boat at the Thunderbolt Fisherman’s Co-Op on River Dr along the Thunderbolt waterfront.  The incident apparently began this morning with Thunderbolt FD requesting Savannah Fire and Emergency Service’s HazMat unit this afternoon.  Upon arrival, Savannah Fire determined that the USCG and Moran were already on scene and shortly cleared up from the scene with no action taken on their part.  Thunderbolt FD cleared the scene shortly thereafter, turning the scene over to the USCG.

Overturned shrimp boat between the Flying Cloud and Miss Joyce. Boom is deployed around it to prevent oil and debris from spreading beyond the scene.

Radio-wise, there wasn’t much to hear after the initial dispatch and size up.  Thunderbolt FD was using Metro Fire Tac 1 talkgroup for their communications on scene and Savannah Fire was using their Fireground 1 talkgroup.  While Savannah Fire HazMat was involved with the call, Metro Dispatch patched the two talkgroups together so the two agencies could talk with each other.  USCG personnel on scene arrived by land, not by boat and were using cellphones for their communication.

Thunderbolt Engine 51

Thunderbolt FD Squad 51

Thunderbolt FD Fire Chief’s vehicle

It appeared that the spill was contained and that not much oil and debris got out into the river or onto the riverside.  I’m guessing that the results could have been far worse.  The crew was still at the dock and it looked like they were trying to remove objects from the water as they floated loose and away from the vessel.  After collecting it into a boat, they would hoist it up to the dock with a grappling hook.

View from the stern of the vessel with boom deployed to stop the spread of spilled diesel oil (which you could easily smell from the shore).

It appeared that a crewman was attempting to pluck out objects from the overturned shrimp boat as they floated out.

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