Weekend Amateur Radio; 30 June -1 July 2012

With 100 degree temperatures outside this weekend, it was the perfect time to stay inside and have fun on amateur radio.  Since I’m at home in Savannah, I operated from the home station for awhile on both Saturday and Sunday.  There were plenty of special event stations to be found and on Sunday there was the RAC Canada Day contest.  Band conditions throughout the weekend weren’t exactly agreeable but 40 Meters and 20 Meters did yield some activity; I never did hear 15 Meters open up at all.  It’s worth mentioning that 6 Meters teased with an opening on Friday (I picked up a single station in Ontario) but I was never able to catch an opening over the weekend if there was one.

Saturday was an odd amateur radio day for me in that the majority of my contacts came from 40 Meters.  Usually I operate more on 20 and 15 Meters but 40 Meters seemed to be where the better conditions were.  The morning began with a DX contact to Nicaragua on 20 Meters then later in the afternoon I worked a 13 Colonies station in Maryland on 20.  Throughout the rest of the day I picked up 5 more special event stations on 40 Meters.

  • YN2N – Nicaragua – 20 Meters
  • K4S – Summermotion Special Event, KY – 40 Meters
  • W4L – 3rd Annual White Lightning Trail Festival, TN – 40 Meters
  • K2B – 13 Colonies Special Event, VA – 40 Meters
  • K2G – 13 Colonies Special Event, GA – 40 Meters
  • K2F – 13 Colonies Special Event, MD – 20 Meters
  • K2J – 13 Colonies Special Event, NC – 40 Meters

Sunday I operated around the Grand Am 6 Hours of the Glen race.  Conditions in the morning and evening, especially on 20 Meters, were better than they were on Saturday although when I took a break to check the radio mid-afternoon things were rather quiet.  Most of Saturday’s contacts came in on 20 Meters from special event stations and the RAC Canada Day contest.  Throughout the evening, I also tried to work the Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps (CISOM) station 1A0C from the Sovereign Military Order of Malta on 20 Meters but I was never able to break through their massive pileup (the chance still is there through 4 July).

  • W1C – Canada’s 145th Birthday Special Event, NH – 20 Meters
  • K2C – 13 Colonies Special Event, Rhode Island – 20 Meters
  • K2A – 13 Colonies Special Event, New York – 20 Meters
  • W8Y – 151st Anniversary of Battle at Hughes Landing, WV – 40 Meters
  • TM0TSR – Tall Ship Race Special Event, France – 20 Meters
  • Various RAC Canada Day contest stations in Ontario and British Columbia

Amateur Radio Operators interested in the 13 Colonies Award will be interested to know that the 13 Colonies Operators are extending this year’s event.  It was announced by K2A yesterday morning that due to the weekend’s severe weather that the 13 Colonies stations would be extending the operation one day through 0400Z on Saturday, 7 July.

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