UH-60Ms at Hunter AAF?

Yesterday was the first day in a week that I’ve been able to monitor Hunter AAF and I’m pretty sure that I heard some UH-60Ms:

ARMY 20012 (UH-60M?, 05-20012?)
ARMY 20018 (UH-60M?, 05-20018?)
ARMY 019 (UH-60M?, 05-20019?)
ARMY 022 (UH-60M?, 20022?)

I’m not sure which unit they might be associated with as I didn’t hear them check in on any of the unit ops frequencies.  The crews were familiar with the airspace around Savannah and didn’t need any guidance to where to park when they landed so for the time being I’m assuming they’re assigned to one of the units at Hunter.

As usual, any assistance from those more in the know on serial numbers, etc. would be most welcome.

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