Mid-90’s NASCAR Show Cars

I was going through some old photographs this morning and came across some of some mid-90’s NASCAR show cars.  I thought fellow motor sports fans might be interested in them so I scanned some up:

Jeff Gordon #24 1995 Monte Carlo
Jeff Gordon #24 1995 Monte Carlo

Unlike now, special paint jobs weren’t frequently used in the mid 1990’s and were indeed special when they were rolled out.  Here are some Dale Earnhardt #3 Monte Carlos in some of the first special paint jobs:

Dale Earnhardt 1995 Silver #3 Monte Carlo commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Winston Sponsoring the NASCAR championship.
Red, White, and Blue #3 Monte Carlo celebrating the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

The NASCAR truck series began in 1995.  Mike Skinner was the first series champion driving for Richard Childress.  Here’s one of the team’s show trucks:

#3 Chevrolet Silverado driven by Mike Skinner for Richard Childress Racing in the NASCAR truck series.
#10 Tide Thunderbird driven by Ricky Rudd
#94 Ford Thunderbird driven by Bill Elliott
#43 Pontiac Grand Prix driven by Bobby Hamilton

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