Special Event Stations to Look For, 21-22 July 2012

This weekend should see the beginning of 2012 London Olympics Special Event Stations from the UK.  One is listed below, but there should be at least four others in operation based on information from the RSGB earlier this year:

The Radio Society of Great Britain and Ofcom have authorized radio amateurs to use special prefixes between 21 July and 9 September 2012 in celebration of the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games.  Callsigns beginning with GB2012 will be available for 2012 London Olympics Special Event Stations.  Additionally, four “flagship” stations using the prefix 2O12a (letter O not number zero) will be licensed during the 2012 Olympics.

1 -29 July, 0000Z-0000Z, W2S – 200th Anniversary of Lake Pleasant, NY:  The Speculator Amateur Radio Club will be operating in celebration of the bicentennial of Lake Pleasant, NY; tentative plans are to operate from Lake Pleasant Fire Hall, Lake Pleasant Historical Society, Speculator Pavillion,  and Oak Mountain on 1, 8, and 15 July.  QSL via  W. Thielking, PO Box 122, Lake Pleasant, NY 12108. Website:  http://www.qsl.net/sparc

1-31 July, 0000Z-1200Z, CG3B – 200th Anniversary of Friendship and Peace Between Canada and USA Following War of 1812: The Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club will be operating to celebrate 200 year of friendship between Canada and the United States following the War of 1812.  Special Operation Jul 1 1400Z to 2100Z. Watch for operations from other sites during July.  They’ll be operating near 14.265, 14.140, 14.070, 14.025, 7.260, and 7.025.  QSL direct or via buro to David Digweed, VE3FOI, 4117 Hazel Nut Ct, Vineland, ON L0R 2C0, CANADA.   For more information, see their website:  www.qrz.com/db/cg3b

21-28 July, 1300Z-2300Z, W0R – RAGBRAI 40th Annual Bicycle Ride Across Iowa: Team Megacycles will be operating to celebrate the 40th Annual Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, an event which they participate in.  Team Megacycles will be riding the ride with stations operating bicycle mobile, SAG vehicle mobile during the week as we ride across Iowa.  They’ll be operating CW near 28.545, 21.054, 14.054, and 7.0545 and SSB near 28.339, 21.339, 18.138, 14.339, and 7.191 as well as digital modes. QSL via Michael Nickolaus, 316 E 32nd St, South Sioux City, NE 68776.

Jul 22-Jul 29, 2200Z-2000Z, W9IMS – Brickyard 400:  The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Amateur Radio Club will be operating on or near 21.350, 14.240, 7.240, and 3.840 in conjunction with NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Certificate & QSL. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 30954, Indianapolis, IN 46230.  Website:   w9ims.org

20-21 July, 2300Z-1800Z, W4S – Operation Red Sleigh Christmas in July:    Amateur Radio Operators will be operating in conjunction with Operation Red Sleigh, a charity event that provides gifts to over 500 children.  They’ll be operating around 21.360, 14.260,  7.260, and 3.860.  Certificate via Nathan Jackson, 5186 Farlowe Davis Dr, Sophia, NC 27350. We’ll also attempt digital modes as propagation and activities allow. Fore more info:  k4nwj@triad.rr.com

20-22 July, 1700Z-1700Z, W8M – Marlette, Michigan’s 150th Anniversary Celebration:  The Thumb Amateur Radio Club will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Marlette, MI.  They’ll be operating around 14.290 and 7.245.  QSL via John Herman, 2676 Lamotte St, Marlette, MI 48453.  Website:  www.w8ax.com

21 July, 1400Z-1800Z, NC4MC – Candor, NC Peach Festival: The Montgomery Amateur Radio Society will be operating on or near 14.250  and 147.090 in conjunction with the Candor, NC Peach Festival. Certificate via Donald L. Grady, KG4ZRH, 120 Woodline Dr, Troy, NC 27371.

Jul 21-Jul 22, 1400Z-1400Z, W2GSB – Custer Institute:  The Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club will be operating from the Custer Institute and Observatory, Long Island, NY’s oldest public observatory.  They’ll be operating near 14.225, 7.175,  and 3.850; 14.070 PSK. QSL via Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club, W2GSB, PO Box 1356, West Babylon, NY 11704.  Website:  www.gsbarc.org

21-22 July, 1019Z-1322Z, KA3RKW – Halifax on The Air (All Halifax Towns):  The Halifax Radio Club will be on the air as part of the Halifax on the Air Special Event.  They’ll be operating  around 14.260, 14.200, and 7.260. QSL via Halifax Radio Club, Terry Snyder, PO Box 355, Halifax, PA 17032. Contact Halifax cities and towns in the USA, England, and Canada.  For more infomation see the club’s website:  www.HalifaxPaRadioClub.org

21 July, 1600Z-2100Z, W0H – Hjemkomst 30th Anniversary: The Red River Radio Amateurs will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of a Viking Ship sailing back to Norway by operating on or near 28.425, 21.325, 14.165, and 7.185.  QSL via LoTW or direct to Red River Radio Amateurs, Box 3215, Fargo, ND 58105. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of a Viking Ship sailing back to Norway.  Website:  www.rrra.org

21 July, 1400Z-2000Z, W9GUS – 2012 Gus Grissom Day Special Event:  The Hoosier Hills Ham Club will be operating between 14.250 – 14.270 and between 7.250 – 7.270 in honor of Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom a native of Mitchell Indiana, who died along with fellow astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee in the tragic Apollo 1 pre-launch test accident on January 27, 1967.  They’ll be operating from outside the Grissom Memorial just inside the entrance to Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, IN.  See the club’s website for QSL information.

21 July, GBOKKM – 2012 Olympics/Kennedy Kane McArthur Marathon:  The Bushvalley Amateur Radio Club from Dervock, Northern Ireland will be running a Special Event Station on Saturday 21st July 2012 in conjunction with the Kennedy Kane McArthur
Marathon celebrations.  QSL via Buro.

For more information on special event stations over the weekend, check out Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK’s Practical Amateur Radio Podcast. Each week he presents info on various special event stations that will be active over the coming weekend.  There’s lots of good info in Jerry’s podcasts in addition to the special event station info, give them a listen!

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