94th Fighter Squadron F-22s at Savannah IAP

This morning I finally got the chance to hear some of the F-22s flying out of the Savannah Combat Readiness Training Center at Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport.  As I wrote last week, F-22s from the 94th FS at Langley AFB are flying out of Savannah while ramp maintenance is done at Langley.  Based on photos and spotter reports, it appears that at least 15 F-22s are at Savannah along with at least 4 of the T-38s that fly as aggressors with the F-22s.  While on the way home from Brunswick to Savannah this morning, I heard 4 flights of two check in with SEALORD to work in the offshore special use areas.  As I got close to Savannah on I-95, they began to RTB so I swung by the airport and watched 3 of the flights land.  It was the first time I’ve been able to see F-22s live in person and I have to say that they definitely have a distinct sound to them (as do most of the radios).

If you’re interested in listening to the F-22s while they’re here, you’ll need a scanner or receiver capable of operating in the 225-400 MHz and 138-144 MHz ranges in AM mode.  Here’s what to listen for and where to listen for them at:


SPAD (F-22, 94th FS)
RACK (F-22, 94th FS)
ROGUE (F-22, 94th FS)
VAPOR (F-22, 94th FS)


257.800 – Savannah IAP Tower
353.775 – Savannah Approach/Departure
371.875 – Savannah Approach/Departure

284.500 – SEALORD North Primary

237.000 – CRTC; “SPAD OPs”
140.500 – CRTC; 94th FS air-to-air
141.150 – CRTC; 94th FS air-to-air
293.300 – CRTC; 94th FS air-to-air
363.900 – CRTC; 94th FS air-to-air

I’ll make updates to this list in future posts as I’m able to listen to more of their activity.

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