Weekend Amateur Radio; 4-5 August 2012

It’s been quite hot in recent weeks, so opportunities for getting HF time with the mobile station have been few and far between. This weekend, I was off duty and home in Savannah so I was able to use the home station to properly get on the air for the first time in about a month. Saturday was the better of the two days; a balky air conditioner made things quite warm in the shack on Sunday but I still managed a few stations before it became too uncomfortable.

Two stations I was hoping to get were K1CG and 2O12L and I’m proud to say that I worked them both. K1CG was the US Coast Guard CW Operators Association special event honoring the 222nd Birthday of the US Coast Guard. While I’m sure they were also operating CW, I’m glad they operated on SSB as well. 2O12L was, and will be throughout the Olympics and Paralympics, the flagship special event station for the 2012 London Summer Games.

There were a number of lighthouse activations this weekend and it’s always fun to work island and/or lighthouse activations. Particularly with the lighthouse activations, it is a fun way to link history and amateur radio.

  • KC2YYL, the Niagara County ARES Club was activating the Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse, USA-294.
  • WA2CG, Bill was activating the the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, USA-731 near the Statue of Liberty.
  • N2OB, the Old Barney Amateur Radio Club was activating the Barnegat Light, the “Old Barney Lighthouse”, USA-039 as well as IOTA NA-111 (New Jersey State Group).
  • K1HRO, the Ham Radio Outlet Amateur Radio Club was activating the Portsmouth Harbor Fort Light (USA-662).
  • The Cape Ann Radio Association was activating the Cape Ann/Thatcher’s Island Light (USA-105) and Thatcher Island North Lighthouse (USA-1027) as well as Thatcher Island, NA-148.
  • KD0ETC, Steven, was activating the Point Zero Lighthouse (USA-499) and Lake Superior Entrance Light (USA-829).

As much as I enjoy working the lighthouse stations and with the Tybee lighthouses and St. Simons Island lighthouse in such close proximity, I need to look into getting an Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society membership in the near future.

One of the special event stations I posted about on Friday was W9B, the Brat Days special event station in Sheboygan, WI.  After working W9B on Saturday morning and hearing them describe Brat Days, that sounds like a fun festival to visit!

Something possessed me to turn on  20 Meters  at 10 PM on Saturday night and I found that it was still open!  I worked F5PFP in France and YV7/UA9YPS on Margarita Island (SA-012) off of Venezuela.

All in all, it was a fun weekend on the radios and I enjoyed being able to “disturb some electrons” for the first time in a few weeks.

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