Update: 1st Fighter Wing F-22s at Savannah IAP (20 August 2012)

Here’s another update on the F-22s that are operating out of Savannah this month.  This post will likely be the last update because this should be their last week here.  It has been terrific fun to be able to monitor the F-22s and I’ll miss them screaming and howling overhead as they come and go from the CRTC.  Just as 1st FW F-15s trained at the CRTC in the past, hopefully they’ll continue to train here now that they have F-22s.


BASH (F-22, 1st FW)
COBRA (F-22, 1st FW)
CORONA (F-22, 1st FW)
DAGGER (F-22, 1st FW)
DEADLY (F-22, 1st FW)
FURY (F-22, 1st FW)
HARM (F-22, 1st FW)
MADDOG (F-22, 1st FW)
RACK (F-22, 1st FW)
RODEO (F-22, 1st FW)
ROGUE (F-22, 1st FW)
RUMBLE (F-22, 1st FW)
SMART (F-22 1st FW)
SPAD (F-22, 1st FW)
STUD (F-22, 1st FW)
SWORD (F-22, 1st FW)
TORCH (F-22, 1st FW)
TROJAN (F-22, 1st FW)
VAPOR (F-22, 1st FW)
VIKING (F-22, 1st FW)
BANDIT (T-38, 1st FW)


257.800 – Savannah IAP Tower
353.775 – Savannah Approach/Departure
371.875 – Savannah Approach/Departure

282.200 – Jax Center Jekyll Low
363.200 – Jax Center Allendale Low

284.500 – SEALORD North Primary
313.700 – SEALORD North Secondary
385.300 – W-157 Discrete
301.000 – South TACTS Range
350.675 – North TACTS Range
355.325 – North TACTS Range
381.875 – North TACTS Range

293.600 – NORAD Discrete
316.300 – NORAD Discrete

228.400 – Coastal MOA/Townsend Range

237.000 – CRTC; “SPAD OPs”
140.500 – CRTC; 1st FW F-22 air-to-air
141.150 – CRTC; 1st FW F-22 air-to-air
142.700 – CRTC; 1st FW F-22 air-to-air
293.300 – CRTC; 1st FW F-22 air-to-air
363.900 – CRTC; 1st FW F-22 air-to-air
328.500 – CRTC; 1st FW T-38 air-to-air
379.800 – CRTC; 1st FW T-38 air-to-air

List of F-22s with known serials at the Savanah CRTC. Thanks to Jared Soergel for confirmation of 09-4177 as a 94th FS aircraft.

  • 08-4158 – 94th FS
  • 08-4168 – 94th FS
  • 08-4171 – 94th FS
  • 08-4173 – 94th FS
  • 08-4175 – 94th FS
  • 09-4177 – 94th FS
  • 09-4179 – 94th FS
  • 09-4180 – 94th FS
  • 09-4181 – 94th FS
  • 09-4191 – no squadron listed in Scramble

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