MH-60Ms at Hunter AAF

Update 26 September 2012:  I’ve been told that 20008 and 20050 could be Fort Rucker and 4-101 AVN aircraft respectively.  It’s always a possibility that they could have been transient aircraft at Hunter.  With more monitoring and opportunities for visual confirmation, the list will become more clear.  Thanks as always to the readers for their information!

Since June I’ve been hearing what I thought were UH-60Ms flying out of Hunter AAF but I hadn’t been hearing any traffic from them on any of the unit operations frequencies, so it was making unit identification impossible.  Recently, I’d developed a theory that they were new MH-60Ms belonging to the 3-160 SOAR, which is based at Hunter.  This afternoon I was able to confirm my theory when I finally got a visual on ARMY 20005 as it made its approach to Hunter’s runway 28.  Sure enough, it was equipped with a refueling probe, FLIR, and miscellaneous appendages all over the aircraft.

Based on monitoring, here are what I believe to be 3-160 SOAR’s new MH-60Ms:

  • ARMY 20005
  • ARMY 20008 – Fort Rucker aircraft?
  • ARMY 20018
  • ARMY 20019
  • ARMY 20022
  • ARMY 20050 – 4-101 AVN aircraft?
  • ARMY 20056
  • ARMY 20209

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